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"This audio version was roadtrip perfection." - review of Dirty Bombs
"The right performance can make a good story great and that’s very much the case here. Narrator delivers a pitch-perfect performance." - review of The Diabolical Trinity
"Scott Dawson delivers a great performance. He brings a unique voice to each of the characters. A fascinating setup to a rich fantasy world." - review of The Burden of the Protector
"Hard to believe all those different voices are from just one person!" review of Black Talon Book 1: Resistance

© Scott Dawson. All rights reserved.

© Scott Dawson. All rights reserved.

About Scott

Scott has been voice acting for a long time. He provided the voice for “The Grumpy Mushroom” in AOL's instant messenger. He was also the voice of a Blacksmith in Rockstar’s mega-hit Red Dead Redemption.He has narrated and/or produced several audiobooks available on and Spotify including the fantasy novel The Burden of the Protector, the supernatural comedy The Book of Sven and the sci-fi action novels Dirty Bombs and Resistance: Black Talon, Book 1.Scott is a member of the Audio Publishers Association and trains locally in Las Vegas at The Voice Actors Studio.Scott graduated from USC with a degree in Theatre. After that he lived in Los Angeles for a whole bunch of years. He did some theatre, film and tv work. He also learned to swordfight along the way so he's got that going for him as well.

© Scott Dawson. All rights reserved.


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© Scott Dawson. All rights reserved.

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© Scott Dawson. All rights reserved.


Fantasy, British accent

Suspense, Horror, British Accent

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